Loading Oracle Cloud ERP GL Balances to ARCS

When loading GL balances from Oracle Cloud ERP to Account Reconciliation Cloud (ARCS), there are a few differences to the standard process used when loading to FCC and EPM Planning. This blog will detail the full setup process required when loading GL balances to ARCS for reconciliation compliance. Before setting up the GL balances load from Oracle Cloud ERP to ARCS, there are a couple of prerequisite tasks required, which are part of the standard ARCS setup. Firstly, ensure the correct Segments and Sub-Segments have been specified in the Configuration -> System Attributes area. This is a fundamental part of the ARCS setup, which cannot be reversed without rebuilding the application. Then add all the necessary ARCS Profiles and run the Create Reconciliations job for the required period. To setup the GL balances data connection to Oracle Cloud ERP, the following 11 steps are required: 1. Setup the ERP Cloud Source System As this is an Oracle built connector, it’s as simple