Drill-through from EPM Planning to Oracle EBS

Following on from my previous blogs detailing how to setup and customise the EPM Integration Agent connection from EPM Planning to Oracle EBS, we are now ready to setup the drill-through component. Drill-through is a fantastic tool which allows users to analyse a specific data intersection in EPM by opening the relevant page to view the selected account balances in EBS directly. This blog will detail how to setup the drill-through URL for on-premise Oracle E-Business Suite. There are multiple components required to setup the URL, where the bold text must be edited to define the drill query below: http:// <SERVER>:<PORT> /OA_HTML/RF.jsp?function_id= <InstallSpecific> &CALLING_PAGE=FDM_DRILLDOWN&resp_appl_id= <FromEBS> &resp_id= <FromEBS> &SOB_ID= <UserDefined> &LED_ID= <UserDefined> &fdm_per= <UserDefined> &fdm_ccid= <UserDefined> &fdm_currency= <UserDefined> &fdm_balance_type= <